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Economy & Infrastructure - Tuolumne County Profile
Tuolumne County Economy & Infrastructure


Why is this important?

Retail sales generate taxes, which are the primary revenue support for local police, fire, roads, and other infrastructure. Changes in retail sales are important to show growth or decline in the business community.

What is the measure?

Sales data show the trends in retail sales in the following categories: apparel stores, general merchandise, grocery, restaurant and bars, home furnishings and appliance, building materials and farm implements, service stations, and other retail stores.

How are we doing?

Over the past ten years retail sales have shown steady growth in Tuolumne County. All categories have shown increases, with the largest gains coming in building materials and farm implements, and auto dealers and supplies. Grocery has shown the lowest growth rate.

Compared to the state, sales growth over the last 10 years has been average. The sales change from 2003 to 2004 was below the state average, as was the net increase in sales outlets.

Tuolumne County - Central Sierra Mountains