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Economy & Infrastructure - Tuolumne County Profile
Tuolumne County Economy & Infrastructure

CA Labor Market Information Division



Why is this important?

The diversity and balance of industry sectors has a significant impact on the overall economic health of a region.

What is the measure?

The number of jobs in the different sectors and the larger employers in the county offer an overall view of business/ industry diversity in the county.

How are we doing?

In Tuolumne County, job losses over the past five years occurred in manufacturing. Typically this sector contributes more to the economy than those in which we experienced the largest growth—government, services, and construction.

Projections for the most growth from 1999-2006, according to the California Labor Market Information Division, are in government, services, and retail trade. The manufacturing, finance, insurance, and real estate sectors are not expected to grow during the projection period.

Tuolumne County’s Industry Employment percentages differ significantly from California as a whole, where most growth in new jobs is expected in the professional and business services, health care and social assistance, retail trade, and lodging. Nearly 30% of California job growth will occur in professional and business services. Also in contrast to Tuolumne County, the government sector is expected to lose jobs in California.

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