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Why is this important?

Achieving an adequate, affordable, and diverse supply of housing for residents at all income levels is an essential step towards a prosperous future.

What is the measure?

The Housing Opportunity Index (HOI) is the share of homes sold in an area that is affordable to families earning the median income. To calculate the HOI in an area, the National Association of Home Builders assumes a family can afford to spend 28% of its gross income on housing. However, local jurisdictions may use different affordability standards. For example, the county uses 33% and Sonora uses 45% of gross income for first time homebuyer programs.

How are we doing?

While it’s likely that homes are bought and sold in the county that cost less than the median home price of $310,000 (as of May 2005), the numbers from local real estate transactions indicate that no families of median income can afford the current median home price.

Median income for a family of four in Tuolumne County is $52,450.27 Using the HOI calculations, a Tuolumne County family making the median income would fall short of affording the median priced home by $361 per month.28

Another measure of housing opportunity is the status of the existing housing stock. The county’s survey found that approximately 73.6% of its housing stock is sound, 12.7% needs minor rehabilitation, 11% requires moderate rehabilitation, and about 2.6% needs substantial rehabilitation or are considered dilapidated. In the city, 57% is sound, 18% needs minor work, 20% needs moderate work, and about 5% needs substantial rehabilitation or is dilapidated.

New construction of homes continues to be quite active, with 435 residential building permits issued in 2004. However, multi-family permits issuance is inactive. Of the county’s 26,139 housing units, 7,186 (27.5%) are vacation or second homes.

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