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Economy & Infrastructure - Tuolumne County Profile
Tuolumne County Economy & Infrastructure


Why is this important?

Transportation is the basic system providing mobility to sustain social, economic, and recreational activities in Tuolumne County. Properly developed, balanced transportation systems result in effective mobility and safe living conditions.

What is the measure?

We surveyed the basic modes of transportation—roads, rail, and air.

How are we doing?

Tuolumne County features a fixed-route public transit system, dial-a-ride transit system, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, a working railroad, two public-use airports, and a network of county roads and state highways. We have no public transportation in or out of the county.

The condition of our local roads is projected to decline. We have approximately 611 miles in our road maintenance system. Roads built to serve new development are not accepted into this maintenance system. New roads are maintained by County Service Areas, homeowners associations, or private property owners.

Four state highways provide access to and through the county. We have no designated bike lanes on the county road system.

Tuolumne County is served by the Sierra Railroad, which operates freight service between Oakdale in Stanislaus County and Standard in Tuolumne County. It includes 49 miles of track and has operated since 1897.

General aviation needs in Tuolumne County are met by two county-owned and operated airports. The Columbia Airport (which has an historic grass runway) is located in the community of Columbia, and the Pine Mountain Lake Airport is located in the Groveland area. During fire season, the Columbia Airport is also host to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Columbia Air Attack Base.

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