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Education and the Arts - Tuolumne County Profile
Education and the Arts

Quality of Basic Education— Test Scores

Why is this important?

Educational performance affects the well-being of residents, including the potential for economic success and health and safety of the community. Comparing the progress of our schools and students to that of other parts of the state will help keep our local system competitive and responsive to our students and our community.

What is the measure?

The California State Board of Education adopted statewide Academic Content specifying what California students are expected to know in each grade or course. Each spring, public school students in grades 2-11 are tested to measure how well they are learning basic academic skills. The California Achievement Test (CAT/6) is a national achievement test. It is used to help determine how well each California student is achieving academically. The results are compared to a national sample of students.

Academic Performance Index (API) scores are used to compare how well students are doing in schools across the state. API scores range from a low of 200 to a high of 1,000, and California has set a performance target of 800 for all schools.

How are we doing?

Students in Tuolumne County Schools had higher basic skills scores than students in nearby counties and statewide, with a larger percentage scoring at or above the 75th percentile. Forty-percent of Tuolumne County 10th graders scored below the 50th percentile.

As of 2005, six of twenty-two Tuolumne County schools (27%) have reached or exceeded the state’s performance target.

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