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Health and Safety - Tuolumne County Profile
Health and Safety

Motor Vehicle Safety

Why is this important?

Traffic safety is an important component of overall community safety. Monitoring traffic accidents helps evaluate the success of traffic enforcement and traffic-safety related street and intersection improvements. In our rural area, we have narrow and winding roads with limited visibility, which makes traffic safety especially challenging.

What is the measure?

Motor vehicle injury and fatality rates were used to measure traffic safety.

How are we doing?

Our injury rate from motor vehicle accidents is 25% lower than the state average. However, the fatality rate is almost 250% times higher than the state’s fatality rate.

Over the course of five years, traffic collisions rose an average of 3%. Of the total collisions outside the Sonora city limits, fatal collisions increased almost 21%, with an approximate 3% rise in the number of injury collisions.

As part of an on-going effort to reduce the number of reportable* traffic collisions, injuries, and deaths, Sonora CHP and Sonora Police Department participate in traffic law enforcement grant projects established through the state’s Office of Traffic Safety. These grant projects provide funding for overtime hours to augment traffic law enforcement patrol within each agency’s jurisdiction.

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