Tuolumne County Profile - Community Indicators Project 2008
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Financial Support For The Arts

Why is this important?

A well-supported and vibrant arts and culture sector is important for the economic well-being of the county for many reasons. It provides the opportunity for civic leaders to enhance economic development. The patronage of arts events through performance attendance and gallery sales contributes to the county’s sales tax income and creates jobs. The arts have proven to be a magnet for tourists and their money. In addition, cultural tourists spend more dollars and stay longer than non-cultural tourists.23

A well-funded arts sector strategy is based on creative capital. Creative capital consists of new ideas and innovations in job creation, recreational opportunities and nurturing talent.

What is the measure?

To quantify support for the arts we used the following indicators: (1) selected local foundation support, (2) local donations to arts councils, and (3) visitor spending impact on the arts, entertainment and recreation.

How are we doing?

Sonora Area Foundation substantially increased funding for arts and cultural projects.

For the past 38 years, the Central Sierra Arts Council, a Tuolumne County-based council, benefited from consistent levels of community support. However, it equates to less than $1 per resident annually, and is measurably less than Calaveras County’s arts council.

The impact of arts, entertainment and recreation visitor spending, while important to the economy, increased minimally, and was significantly less than Amador County, and in most cases, somewhat less than Calaveras County.

23 Americans for the Arts Monograph; January 1997; Louise Gickman "Cultural Tourism: Bridging America Through Partnership in Arts, Tourism and Economic Development"

Definitions: Visitor Spending by Commodity Purchased refers to the total spending on each commodity for all types of visitors. For example, the total spending on food and beverage services includes spending by visitors staying in hotels, private campgrounds, private homes and the other types of accommodation. The spending totals for commodities and traveler accommodations are identical.

Industry Earnings generated by travel spending includes the payroll, other earned benefits, and proprietor income of all employees in that industry classification. Industry Employment generated by travel spending includes all full- and part-time employees. This includes payroll employees covered by unemployment insurance and those that are not, as well as proprietors.

Source(s): www.sonora-area.org

Source(s): California Travel Spending by County, Dean Runyan and Associates 2007; www.deanrunyan.com

Note: Above data do not include casinos, and are specific to Arts, Entertainment and Recreation only. They do not show travel impacts from all areas such as accommodations, retail, food, etc.

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