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Arts Education

Marching Band

Why is this important?

Most Americans agree on the importance of arts education for their children.24 Although the majority of children will not become professional artists, evidence indicates instruction in the arts leads to greater achievement in other subject areas. High quality arts instruction in dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts is acknowledged as an essential part of a core curriculum, preparing students for successful careers and lives.25

What is the measure?

We present three measures of the health of arts education; two are related to arts education in local schools and one is related to arts education for adults. The Arts Reach to Schools (ARTS) program, in existence for more than sixteen years, brings visual and performing artists into grades K-8 for demonstrations, participations, and performances.

The percent of children participating in band classes in the area tracks interest level by students and their families in elective music programs.

Finally, we show the number of arts-related classes offered at Columbia College over the past three years. These classes are often open to members of the community as well as regularly enrolled students at the college, and so represent outstanding opportunities for life long learning in the arts.

How are we doing?

As noted above, public support for arts education is high. However, concerns remain that in economic downturns, arts and arts education are often eliminated or greatly reduced.

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