Tuolumne County Profile - Community Indicators Project 2008
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Visual Arts

Artists Submitting Work to Mother Lode Fair

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Mother Lode Art Association Membership

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Why is this important?

Tuolumne County spectacular natural landscapes attracts many painters, photographers and others are attracted to the county, finding it an appealing place to visit, reside, and practice their art. This setting and an abundance of historic buildings and communities, and agricultural lands consistently inspired the creation of visual art.

What is the measure?

We note the number of formal art galleries in the county, most of which are located in downtown Sonora.

We track the number of artists entering works in the annual art exhibit at the Mother Lode Fair.

The Mother Lode Art Association, more than 50 years old, represents mostly visual artists (primarily painters). We provide membership numbers for this organization as an indicator of the importance of visual arts to Tuolumne County residents.

How are we doing?

Growing awareness of the importance of the practice and appreciation of the visual arts is indicated by plein air painting (a style of painting produced outdoors in natural light) and photography events and studio art tours.

An abundance of fairs and festivals occurs throughout the year. Many of these include art exhibits and sales.

Ceramics, jewelry, metal, textile and other arts and crafts are also well represented in the county through organizations, shows and sales.

Although formal retail art galleries are few and sometimes short-lived, hotels, restaurants and other businesses regularly display and sell art by local artists.

Painting of country road

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