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Percent Change in Retail Sales from Previous Year

Source(s): California Retail Sales Survey, The Eureka Group, Pollock Pines, CA (proprietary) CA Labor Market Information, http://labormarketinfo.edd.ca.gov


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Why is this important?

Retail sales generate taxes that are the primary revenue for local police, fire, roads and other infrastructure. Changes in retail sales are also important to show growth or decline in the business community.

What is the measure?

Sales data show the trends in the following categories: apparel stores, general merchandise, grocery, restaurants and bars, home furnishings and appliances, building materials and farm implements, service stations and other retail stores.

How are we doing?

Retail sales show steady growth in Tuolumne County. All categories show increases. However, the building materials and farm implements category has been replaced by home furnishings and appliances as the second highest growth category. Auto dealers and supplies continues to show the highest growth. Grocery continues to show the lowest growth rate.

Compared to the state, Tuolumne County sales growth continues to be average. The sales change from 2003 to 2005 dropped below the state average. However, estimated data for 2006 show the county growth rate to be higher than the state growth rate. The net increase in sales outlets remains below the state average.

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