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Private Land Use

Why is this important?

Land use is considered to be one of the most important aspects of a community’s development. Land use designations, which are established through each jurisdiction’s General Plan, will determine what parcels of land are available for housing, business, industry, open space and public uses.

What is the measure?

Measuring the amount of land that has been designated by each classification of use according to the General Plans for Tuolumne County and the City of Sonora provides insight into their future growth potential.

How are we doing?

Currently there are 10,177 parcels of vacant private land within the County of Tuolumne and there are 300 parcels of vacant privately held land within the City of Sonora. These parcels can be utilized for the specific uses allowed under the land use designation assigned to that parcel.

This is a slight decline in the number of vacant parcels in the County, due to the number of lots being developed exceeding the number of new parcels being generated by land divisions. Although there have been some minor changes in the parcels and overall acreages between the land use designations of the Tuolumne County General Plan, the majority of parcels still vacant within the County are designated for residential purposes.

During the recent adoption of the City of Sonora 2020 General Plan the land use designations were modified however, as with the County, the majority of the parcels still vacant in the City are designated for residential purposes.

Note: The acreages for each land use designation are calculated from the total land area for each designation found within the Tuolumne County GIS General Plan layer, as of January 15, 2008.

Source(s): Tuolumne County Community Development Department


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