Tuolumne County Profile - Community Indicators Project 2008
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Infrastructure – Utilities

Why is this important?

Infrastructure forms the backbone of a community. It consists of the facilities and services needed to sustain industry, residential, commercial, and all other land use activities.

What is the measure?

We focused our indicators on water and sewer connections, water rates, sewage and disposal rates. Renewable energy sources are addressed in the Natural Resources and Recreation chapter.

How are we doing?

The cost of providing water service to the community has increased for all service providers. All providers raised monthly rates 5% to 15%, and half of the providers raised connection fees up to 37%. Rate and fee changes were to cover increased costs due to additional requirements from State and Federal regulators, material and supply costs and employee costs.

The charge for sewer service has also increased. Providers increased their monthly rate by 6.5% to 75%. The connection fee increased for two providers by up to 50%. The cause for the increases is the same as for the water providers with a greater impact being felt from State regulation changes.

We have no natural gas service in Tuolumne County. Propane, which is more expensive than natural gas, is used as an alternative energy source to electricity. Eight companies provide propane gas service in Tuolumne County. The cost of propane follows oil prices.

Note: Commercial Services – Connections and monthly rates for commercial users are determined by establishing a residential equivalency based upon the type of business

Community Indicators Project
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