Tuolumne County Profile - Community Indicators Project 2008
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Causes Of Illness

Percent of Population with Diabetes, 2005

Percent of Tuolumne County
Students Passing all 6 Fitness Criteria

Source(s): http://www.dq.cde.ca.gov/dataquest/

Why is this important?

Quality of life is in large part based upon good health and freedom from illness.

The treatment of chronic pain is one of the most difficult challenges to local health care providers. In addition, mental disorders such as addiction and dementia are recognized as particularly injurious to patients.

What is the measure?

Community health care providers were surveyed about non-fatal health conditions that had the greatest impact on local residents. Risky sexual behavior, diabetes, poor physical conditioning, chronic pain and mental health disorders are important issues.

How are we doing?

Although Tuolumne County has a significantly lower incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) than other parts of California, STDs continue to increase in both California and in Tuolumne County. When local demographics are considered, STDs in Tuolumne County occur at rates similar to the California average.

While the incidence of diabetes is increasing in California and the U.S., in Tuolumne County and other foothill counties, diabetes continues to affect nearly 6% of the population. The local Me-Wuk population has nearly twice this rate of diabetes, as do other Native American tribes in California. The prevalence of diabetes in the Latino population in California is approximately 8%.

Approximately 54% of Tuolumne County residents are overweight, compared with 51% of Californians. However, in the 2007 California physical fitness tests, a significantly lower percent of local students were obese compared with students elsewhere in California.

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