Tuolumne County Profile - Community Indicators Project 2008
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Safety - Juvenile Crime

Source(s): Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office Uniform Crime Reports, UCR statistics generated by the Sonora Police Department, statistics utilizing the CA Highway Patrol's Automated Information System (AIS), and data from the CA Department of Justice, http://ag.ca.gov/cjsc/statisticsdatatabs/dtabscrims.php

Tuolumne County Juvenile Probation Referrals

Source(s): Tuolumne County Probation Department Statistics.

601 Status offenses typically involving behavior such as running away, beyond parental control, and truancy that would not be crimes if engaged in by an adult.

602 Welfare and Institutions Code. Violation of laws including but not limited to the Penal Code, Vehicle Code, Health and Safety Code, Business and Professions Code.

Why is it important?

Increased juvenile crime levels are especially disturbing because the future of a community lies in the ability of its youth to develop into emotionally stable and productive adults.

What is the measure?

The standard seven categories of crime reported each year include homicide, forcible rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny (theft except motor vehicles), and motor vehicle theft.

How are we doing?

Tuolumne County juveniles rarely commit serious, violent offenses. The majority of juvenile law violations referred to the Probation Department stem from misdemeanor assaults, petty theft, and second-degree burglary charges related to thefts from commercial establishments.

Few juveniles are cited or arrested for drug offenses. However, substance abuse plays a part in nearly all delinquent activity. The most commonly abused controlled substances among the juvenile offender population are methamphetamine, marijuana and "Ecstasy". Recently, a sharp increase occurred in the abuse of prescription drugs. In addition, a disturbing increase in "huffing" or the inhalation of certain easily obtained aerosol products is evident.

Even though the traditional gang problems that plague other areas of California have not risen to prominence in Tuolumne County, we see a disturbing trend in "White Pride*" activity and influence.

The Probation Department operates prevention and intervention programs. The goal of the Juvenile Justice System is to divert youth from the detention system, by using the least restrictive methods. We strive to keep juveniles in their homes and community. This keeps their support systems available while making it possible for youth to make reparation to the victims of their offenses.

* White Pride is closely aligned with white supremacy, white separatism, and other extreme manifestations of white racism.

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