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This is the third Tuolumne (too-all-uh-me) County Profile – a Community Indicators Project. The goal of this project is to inform, inspire, and even provoke. This is achieved by presenting sound, unbiased information. We are inviting the community to immerse themselves in this information, talk about it, and use it to make our county an even better place to live, work and visit.

The Profile presents long-term trends of economic, environmental, and social well-being. Credible change can only be observed with solid comparisons. This Profile was completed by the Center for Economic Development at California State University, Chico. Thus the format for this Profile is different from the indicators projects we did in 2008 and 2005, yet many of the indicators are the same or similar.

  • The value of these Profiles is documented by the distribution of thousands of printed copies, hundreds of CDs, and thousandstuolumne county
    of hits to the website.

The uses are varied, and include:

  • Increasing awareness and advocacy for specific issues.
  • Leveraging grant funding.
  • Recruiting employees.
  • Building networks with other groups, and creating new partnerships and trust.
  • Generating additional and more in-depth research on timely issues.
  • Getting beyond perceptions and opinions to data-driven decisions.
  • Informing decision-makers such as elected officials and business owners for planning and investment decisions.
  • Reallocating resources.

We hope to spur action based on solid information highlighting trends that truly affect the quality of life in our county. We included interactive website links where possible, to help the reader access the most recent data.